Pink Ink Boutique is a luxury retail experience where the worlds of ART and DESIGN come together. To us fashion is art and our inner city store has been the premier destination for designer fashion in Canberra since 2003.

Representing brands from across the globe as well as local designers, we curate a collection each season that is fashion-forward and stylish. High-end brands hang alongside wardrobe essentials to complete the look and you’ll find Pink’s team of trained stylists will help you create outfits and wardrobes to suit any need, styled for any event. We offer unrivaled customer care and are available to assist you wherever you may be. Pink offers you an indulgent experience where you will leave feeling fabulous about yourself and coveting what you left behind. We’re addictive, ask our Pink friends.



Let’s chat about the last time you went shopping.

Tell us about the assortment of items in your wardrobe that don’t work together. Or that you wear 20% of that wardrobe 80% of the time.

Tell us about how you feel each day when you get dressed for work or for a special event. Finally, tell us about the hundreds of dollars hanging in front of you that you don’t, can’t or won’t wear. Our business is to make dressing a stylish, enjoyable experience so that you feel great about yourself. Anyone can tell you what to wear but at Pink we tell you HOW to wear it.

You will have a styled wardrobe selection that makes you look and feel amazing. It is our promise. With more confidence comes more reward, more fulfillment.

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