RVN is a contemporary brand where art, music and fashion collide in an explosive riot of creativity.

Powered by the pulse of New York City, RVN’s collections inhabit a revolutionary concrete jungle where art, music, and fashion collide in an explosive riot of creativity. The world of RVN vibrates on a frequency of effortless style, where rule-breakers destroy all conventions, and attitude is everything.

RVN’s allure lies in its high-end concepts made available as a contemporary line. Each RVN piece is a unique creation that makes a daring statement with original, dramatic details. Combining arresting silhouettes, bright patterns, and rich textures, every RVN collection is a graphic tableau celebrating individuality, set against the backdrop of a buzzing cityscape.

The RVN woman is a provocateur. Defiant, edgy, and rebellious. She embraces the unexpected. She refuses to be contained or defined, seamlessly navigating between her erudite uptown and gritty downtown worlds. She’s an enigmatic individual; she’s recklessly refined; and she finds pleasure and thrills in the darkest of places.