Personal Styling


Let’s chat about the last time you went shopping.

Tell us about the assortment of items in your wardrobe that don’t work together. Or that you wear 20% of that wardrobe 80% of the time.

Tell us about how you feel each day when you get dressed for work or for a special event. Finally, tell us about the hundreds of dollars hanging in front of you that you don’t, can’t or won’t wear.

Our business is to make dressing a stylish, enjoyable experience so that you feel great about yourself. Anyone can tell you what to wear but at Pink we tell you HOW to wear it.

You will have a styled wardrobe selection that makes you look and feel amazing. It is our promise. With more confidence comes more reward, more fulfilment.

Our expertise in the fashion industry is highly regarded. We have been styling individuals and runway shows for more than 15 years. We buy from upcoming collections with particular clients in mind and we liaise with some of Australia’s leading designers to source unique garments for our clientele. Our aim at Pink Ink is to deliver an exclusive and unique product, in an exclusive and unique way.

Jane and her styling team are the masters of curating a collection of clothes for every client regardless of age, body-type and lifestyle.

We promise to improve your life through successful dressing and finding the best choices for your wardrobe.



Many of our clients leave their complete wardrobe selection and styling to us.

Invite us into your life and we will get to know you and your style and provide you with a collection of suitable options. There are many benefits in approaching a wardrobe in this way. Each garment will have both value and purpose in your dressing and in your life. Whilst the initial investment in personal styling and wardrobe selection may appear indulgent, it can save you many $$$ over time and be worth every cent that is invested.

We have many clients to testify to this fact. We are happy to share any of their personal journeys with you.

“If you look good, you will feel good” An old quote – but undeniably true. It’s our mantra.



Virtual Wardrobes is a unique service offered exclusively by Pink Ink. Here’s how it works.

An initial Skype/Facetime/telephone consultation will assess your colouring, body shape, colour and style preferences as well as your existing wardrobe. From there we curate a selection of clothes, wardrobe essentials and key fashion pieces selected individually for you.

In lush Pink Ink packaging we have the selection delivered to your home with detailed instructions on how to wear/style/mix them for dynamic looks and uses. Upon receipt is a follow-up consultation to best fit and style your garments to your body. We know our products and body-types well enough to achieve this without a face-to-face consult; we have numerous interstate clients that we dress exclusively this way. We will only send pieces that will work on your body, in your lifestyle.

This unique service is ideal for busy, professional women who are time-poor or live in remote locations. Having decided what pieces are appropriate, the remainder are simply returned to us via express parcel enclosed for a full refund.

Pink Ink’s personal virtual shopping service makes it easy to have an exciting wardrobe full of garments that suit you and your life and that you love and enjoy wearing.

We can rebuild your wardrobe and you won’t know yourself! Promise.